Working in Ireland – All you need to know

Working in Ireland – All you need to know

Living in Ireland is very easy especially if you’re planning to work for a bigger company. This can not only help you with the paperwork you have to manage when moving to another country but also you will find a good well-payed job. But first let’s look at Ireland and why it’s perfect to work here.

Ireland is a land where you as a foreigner have a feature most companies want – your language. A lot of American tech companies have support centers here and they need help for the european market and that is my German or your Spanish is worth (almost) gold.

No. 1 – Getting A Job

If you’re fluent in English (and your mother tongue),at least a little bit interested in technology and don’t have issues with being on the phone you’ll most likely find a well-paid job in Ireland. This will be most likely not your fulfillment but at least it will give you a feet into Ireland’s working class. But how do you find the job?

There are two ways. Job agency; big advantage of a job agency that they offer different jobs for many companies. They also motivated to help you with everything because they’re getting paid if you get the job Win/Win. The other option is to go to the job search platforms like you can search for your language, branch or salary. You find almost unlimited offers depending on the language you have to offer.

The interviews are mostly online and via video chat. For e.g. it took my only 8 days from asking a recruitment agency for a job taking a couple of test and interviews until I received the final YES. Often they offer free accommodation for the first 2-4 weeks or take over the fees for a flight tickets. So as you can see, finding a job if talking two languages isn’t that bad.

No. 2 – Paperwork

It doesn’t matter where you are. In the deepest jungle or the biggest metropole you will find paper work. Because I’m German I didn’t need a working visa, so if you’re unsure check your local foreign affairs office. I just assume for the next part that you have a working permit or you’re a European citizen.

In order to work in Ireland you need an Irish bank account and a Personal Public Service Number (PPS). This is why bigger companies are a huge help. In order to open an Irish bank account you need proof of resident (a letter addressed on your name in Ireland). Of course this can be an issue because who has an electric bill shortly after arriving in a new country.

The PPS number can also be challenging because a couple of years ago the Irish government changed the process of how you get PPS and tax certificate. In worst case you work around 3 month (or longer) with the tax status ‘Emergency tax’ with is about 50% of the salary. You will receive it back without a hassle but still it can be challenging and not only with a tight budget.

If you start at a bigger company they will help to sort things out. In my case they arranged a meeting for my PPS number, they invited different banks so I can open an account without leaving the office. This is a huge time saver and help you start you working live in Ireland with some problems less. Good stuff.

No. 3 – A Place To Sleep

Finding a place to stay is depending of the time of year easy or very hard. In summer time when the students leave college cities like Dublin or Cork offer more and affordable places to stay. Depending on location of the house you can plane with 400-650€ per month for a shared apartment including all bills.

Dublin is in general more expensive so expect higher prices there. One thing i didn’t know before hand is almost every house or apartment is fully furnished. My cheap German heart was pounding for joy. Not only is it great when you’re new in town but also you don’t have to buy/own much things. It will help you a lot if you have reference letter from your former landlord or former employer.

I hope this will help you to get up from your couch and start traveling. Ireland is perfect to live abroad and save money for future trips!

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