My Plans For 2017

My Plans For 2017

The year 2017 will be an awesome year and I hope you will enjoy the future blog post, videos and pictures. The following list is not even close to be fixed but I hope you’ll have a small overview about what you could expect. (This page will be change and commented by me)

Spain – 5 Day weekend – end of March

One of the greatest thing to work for an international company are your co-workers. You’ll find friend from around the globe. With my Spanish friend Pablo we’re flying to his hometown 2 hours away from Malaga. We will have a blast.

France/Spain – Camino de Santiago – May

This is one of the “once in a lifetime” projects for me. Hiking over 800 km (500 miles) from the small French town Saint Jean pied de Port all the west untils Santiago de Compostela.

Morocco – Work and Travel – sometime this summer

When I was traveling in 2015 Morocco was a dream destination for me but I wasn’t able to visit it. Just a short ferry away from a different continent Morocco offers a new world with different cultures and I’m looking forward to that

India – Vivik Express – sometime this summer

For me this is again a “once in a lifetime” project. The Vivik Express is a train track with over 4200 km (2600 miles) from the very south of India to the north-east area of Assam. The journey will take 4 days and 3 nights. I heard about this from the photo essay from
Ed Hanley. You can read his full article here.

Asia – Visit Thailand, Vietnam and more – sometime this year

I thought is when I’m already in India why not grab a cheap flight and travel to countries I never been but always wanted to visit. That’s why this is not more clear where to go. Flights from India to Thailand seems to be the cheapest … I keep you updated.

What are your plans for this year? Tell me your story in the comments.

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