Cueva de Nerja – Cave Exploring

Cueva de Nerja – Cave Exploring

You want to travel to Spain to enjoy the beautiful nature and the hot weather at the beach? How about a change of scenery and experience a very different attraction under ground.

Alone In The Dark

The network is about 5km or 3 miles long and you feel the air getting colder each step you go further into the cave. The light creating an amazing atmosphere and it’s wonderful to see the weird shapes. Just the thought that these caves are older than 5 million years is stunning.

The entrance fee for an adult is 10,-€ including a short movie about the modern history of the cave as well as an audio guide in Spanish or English.

If you can’t visit the Caves of Nerja yourself no worries. You can enjoy the caves from home thanks to the free virtual tour.

You’ll find all the information on their official website

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